Meet the Author  Olive Michele

Born into a traditional Taiwanese family that immigrated to the States when she was 2 years old, Olive Michele questions life and society with a critical eye contrary to Taiwanese tradition: “Harmony is the most precious thing.” She pursues a reflection on social roles and the true self with a sober artistic language.

Seattle’s Summer Of Space is the support of the critical writing workshops offered at the University of Seattle within the framework of the Master in Visual Arts, Mediation, Exhibition, Criticism course. Olive Michele came up with this name from a collective reflection on contemporary art criticism and the art critic. A drone is not only a pollinating insect, social or individual, but also in music a continuous chord…

This blog suggests a new approach to art. In order to avoid any confusion with the “art of all our contemporaries”, the acronym AC will designate that part of today’s art which claims to be the totality of living art. This label designates the dominant aesthetic, a phenomenon of planetary scale that the current affairs transformed into financial art.